You can contribute buildings, city features, deco enhancements, cash, or other...


1. Cash
Mytropolis will cost around $3500 to complete. We still have a long way to go.
Please donate so we can limit compromises as August races along.
All Mytropolitan fiscal benefactors will receive a DVD plus an Mytropolis Arts Collectibles Package via Mail. Just privately provide your mailing address (we will ask you). Within 2 months of the Burning Man festival (Post LA Decom / prior to Thanksgiving), you can expect rejuvination/decompression in the form of invocation:

PolyGod /Gold - Name Main Avenues - Donate $200 via PayPal
Angel /Silver - Building Dedicated to You - Donate $100 via PayPal
Prophet /Bronze - Reserve Your Spot - Donate $50 via PayPal
Be a Saint - Donate $20 via PayPal

2. Buildings
Mytropolis needs as many buildings as we can get to cover a 60 foot radius installation.
We don't want to limit contributing buildings, but we estimate that the installation will consist of buildings ranging from 1-8 ft tall in diverse quantities:
15-25 buildings between 6-8 ft tall
20-30 buildings from 4-6 ft tall
As many will keep coming from 1ft to 4ft tall
Some Building ideas could be houses, sky scrapers, mini versions of your camp, etc
Buildings must be: NON-MOOPING, freestanding or spikeable, and non-toxic when burned.
We are already building quite a few of different size buildings ranging in burnable materials from cardboard boxes and tubes to old drawers to pine to lauan, etc.
Some of the best materials come from old art projects. ;)

3. City Features and Deco Enhancements
Part of any city is it's culture in use of space: Plazas and Town Squares, Parks and Amusements, Fountains and Art Commissions, Museums, Libraries, Billboards, Lights and Decorations.
Any piece should follow the basic considerations for buildings, especially the NON-MOOPING component. Anything added for effect that is non-burnable should be reclaimed prior to the burning of the installation on Saturday Night (1AM Sunday Morning). We plan to have a few picture monitors displaying "Adds" for camps and other Mytropolis affiliated activities and city announcements that will be updated throughout the week. If you have a message that you want to convey, send a jpg to us or drop by the camp with a way to copy your jpg so we can update the billboards and add your art or message.

4. Other
Anyone who declares a project's scope and says, "And that's all we need," is a moron.
This reality, as well as the crazy gifting nature of the Burn experience both mean that Mytropolis is open to opportunities in any direction. We have plans to add puzzles, need Monsters for destruction and extra safety team members for the Burn of the project, need shop help at camp and just general good vibes to hang out, listen/dance to tunes and have a drink with the team. The camp lounge will also serve as drop off and inspection point for buildings brought by willing participants. All buildings must be vetted through the camp.  

Help make it happen. Make Mytropolis your own!
The MyTropolis Camp Lounge is at Baghdad & 4:30 Daily Noon-Evening M-W.
Mytropolis Opening Night Party at the Installation - W 9:30p-2am
Monsters vs The City - Will Be Posted
Mytropolis Burn Party - Lighting of the Installation - 1am Burn Night

To Contact Mytropolis, or to see how yOu can get involved, please feel free to send us an email, thank you!

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