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Mytropolis is a multi dimensional sculpture garden made from your reclaimed or recycled wood.  Based on a circular city (BRC) Mytropolis has a 60’ radius. In the center is an 11’ tall arch. On one side is a stairway leading to a top platform, offering a fish eye view of a very small world. The best way to create a thriving city is to collect a variety of minds, skills and transportation, not just one creator, constructor, deliverer. Mytropolis is offering the world the chance to do something to help co create the project. The city will grow and create the effect as participants buildings arrive and fill the space.

Mytropolis requests only that any one willing to help is that they do no more or less than they are willing to do. All buildings will be vetted through the MyTropolis theme camp lounge. When you say the word “My-trop-ol-is” you take ownership.

Mytropolis will be destroyed Saturday the 4 of September. There will be performance of monsters vs. the city where all BRC monsters are invited to rampage through appropriate blocks of Mytropolis the destroyed buildings will be put inside the center arch to burn all MOOP will be collected before during and after.